Act 1: The Show

The first woman getting ready for the show walks into the costume room, she picks out the prettiest mask and puts it on, “my audience will love this” she cries.  The second woman, scuttling about, checks the lights, the sound, and the guest list, she hopes all of the right people have been invited. The third woman is outside, she is carrying the luggage.

The first woman waits with confidence, and as the lights come on, she smiles and walks onto the stage. The second woman finds her seat in the front row and her eyes dance with anticipation, she loves this part. The third woman is busy organizing the luggage, she realizes the show has started, and she rushes in hoping no one notices, and sits in the back.

The first woman sparkles as she dances in the fullness of the moment. She is convincing in her poise, and at this moment she feels powerful. She bows as the roar of the audience drowns out the music. She was made for this. The second woman watches in amazement, she is mesmerized by the grandeur of the show. The third woman claps in delight for her friend.

Act 2: The After Party

The first woman charms her fans, she tells them what they want to hear, but she has no interest when they are gone, for the adoration that they provided her is already spent. The second woman takes a drink of water as she scans the room. She is looking for the most important person to talk to, she asks the server standing in front of her to move so she can see. The third woman is happy to be included so she stays busy by making sure that the guests are not bothering anyone.

Act 3: When the guests have gone

The three friends bask in the delight of the evening. The first woman takes off her mask, looks into the mirror, and sighs, “who am I?” she ponders. She asks her friends if they will cut down all of the beautiful roses so she can put them in her bath.  The second woman sees the discarded mask and tries it on, it fits. The third woman bids her friends good night, she walks into the night sky and for a brief moment she forgets who she is, she embraces the moonlight and begins to sing. She stops abruptly and turns back, she realizes that she forgot the luggage.

The mind shows up in a multitude of masks on any given day. The thoughts that we face are experienced fighters that have been trained in the art of deception and they know exactly when to strike. The beauty that we seek is dangled in front of us as though it is something that we can obtain, not something that we are. We become so convinced of our own unworthiness that we strive to find ourselves in other people’s status, money, and accomplishments. We have long forgotten that true worthiness is found in the foulness of service that reaps no reward.  We have been convinced that we must bury our own talent for fear that we might offend, or even worse, that we might be seen. These mindscapes have been rooted long before we ever knew to question them and they have replaced our soul’s dialogue long before understanding the conversation. They have created a grand stage where our mind has become the director, our soul the actress, and our life, the show.