We are a Power Yoga Studio. Our mission is to inspire our community one class at a time

The Solshine Experience


Welcome to Solshine! We are a mind, body, studio. You’ll find intentional classes that provide encouragement and connection. Our studios are safe and peaceful spaces where you’ll experience a personal change in your mind, body, and spirit. Our welcoming community and infrared heat work together to help you build an empowered life.

Classes You Can Trust


No matter what teacher you go to you will be met with Solshine’s gold standard for teaching. We value your resources and your time. Our classes are consistent no matter the teacher or the time of day. We offer a 60 minute power packed classes that will challenge your body and ground you in everyday life. Our classes are ALWAYS modifiable to all levels and are sequenced differently each day to promote healthy adaptation. Discover your power, unlock your potential


Experience The Yoga Effect


When you step into our infrared-heated studio, you will immediately notice the heaters emit a therapeutic heat. At Solshine we love to sweat! Hot yoga has a number of benefits. The Infrared heat directly permeates the body, alleviating aches, increasing circulation, flushes your body, aids in weight loss and improves flexibility, just to name a few.  Infrared is also one of the most eco-friendly and economical heating systems available.