300 Hour YTT

Take Your Teaching to the Next Level with Advanced Training

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Launch into the mastery of teaching and explore topics that will challenge your current framework in the classroom. Whether you want to refine your teaching, run a personal yoga business, or lead a team, this training  will challenge you to step into the role of a leader by demonstrating a commitment to excellence through yoga studies and philosophy. 

2020 Registration is now open!

Did you Know Yoga Alliance is changing their RYS and RYT standards?



New standards begin to take effect February 2020 and by 2022  all Registerd Yoga Schools will require lead trainers to hold an E-RYT 500 status. 

Yoga Alliance has embarked on an 18 month standards review project which has led to a comprehensive overhaul of its standards for yoga schools and teachers since 1999. The updates, which go into effect after February 1, 2020, include mandatory tests for students, required completion of an online course on equity in yoga, and an E-RYT 500 for all lead trainers in registered schools for both 200 and 300 hour status.

View New Standards Here

Transform 300 Modules

Welcome to Class!

Welcome to weekend 1

Identify expectations for your next level of training. We will discuss the elements of a transformational yoga teacher and what it means to be a leader in your community. Reflect on your journey as a 200 hour teacher and begin to outline your curriculum and schedule to become a 300 hour graduate.

In this module we will present review information and prerequisite assessments, course syllabi and required reading.

Teaching beyond the asana; Pranayama, Chanting and Sound

In this course we will explore mantra with pranayama and techniques for expanding your skills in your classes. Learn the historical significance of chanting, sound and how you can fit these classical themes and dimensions into your yoga classes. Learn to use the breath as a tool to awaken your full potential.  

The Role of Biomechanics in Yoga

Challenge your current framework with yoga asana by considering the role of biomechanics and global anatomy and the role they play in movement.  In this course we will look at  patterns of movement and how the body compensates for such patterns. We will question whether flexibility really should be the goal by understanding body tissue adaptation. We will ask participants to look at modifications in the context of load management and progression, giving your classroom a platform to build a practice that is physically powerful and sustainable.

Stability, Mobility, and Spinal Health

In this course we will learn to identify common postural deviations often found in the yoga classroom. With the use of standardized assessments we will take a deeper look at why we give hands on assists and how the way that we apply support/force affects the safety of the client.  We will assess when to use active or passive support in each asana and finally we will learn exercises that  assist in injury prevention and facilitate overall strength, balance and mobility. This course is a fundamental module for teaching classes that address back health, corrective sequencing, yoga for scoliosis, and other postural deviations. 

Activating the Subtle Body

The subtle body is the backdrop of all yoga philosophy. Through the Koshas, an inner map was identified that gave practitioners a way to access their energetic anatomy. We will look at how prana moves through the body, the archetype of this movement and the deeper layers of physical change that occur. We’ll explore various aspects of how the subtle body operates the dynamic interplay of energy and consciousness, and the context and application of the subtle body. 

Asana and the Bandhas

The bandhas, or locks, are fundamental to understanding the your center. We will begin the journey of developing the internal awareness necessary for deep core strength. Using the three body locks we will learn how to introduce an element to your classes that will bring both depth and effectiveness to the asana practice. We will explore concepts that describe how the subtle body can direct the physical body both in theory and in practice giving you the capacity to use your intuition and sensitivity to open and hold the sacred flow of energy.

Teaching Methodology Electives

In this course participants will choose a specific specialty format elective. They will learn the methodology and how to teach in a live setting.

  •  Corrective Sequencing and Conditioning
  • Yoga in the classroom
  • Ancient Texts: Deities and Dharma
  • Yin & Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga and Trauma: Mindful Resilience

The Business of Yoga in ACTION

In this course we will discuss the ethical role and scope of the yoga teacher, the yoga studio and how you fit into this growing industry. Learn how to create a business plan and marketing strategy that will allow us to build an independent business that is relevant and adaptable to an ever changing industry. We will strategize key elements for community retention and engagement and understand how to communicate your content to your audience. 


In these final two modules, participants will present your final project as outlined in your Transformation Map and complete 30 hours of live practicums.

Course Details

Transform 300 is a leadership course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skill to confidently teach in an evolving industry and maintain the spirit and lineage of our great teachers. This training begins May 2020. Application and enrollment fee: 75.00