Solshine 200 Hour YTT Group

Teaching Methodology: How to Teach Yoga  

Class Management

The Qualities of a good teacher

Consider the Physical Setting

Class Atmosphere: After Class Begins

Learning to Look and See

Body Capacity and Limitations

Cue to who is in front of you

Personalities Matter

Stages of Learning

Learning Styles

How music affects your practice

The Movement Matrix

The Art of Cueing

The Use of Language: Diversity

The more you say, the less your students will hear.

The Importance of slowing down your cues

The Cueing Formula

Layer 1: Setting up the Pose

Layer 2: Create the Experience

Steadiness and Ease

Demonstration and Verbal Cues

Timing Your Class Well

Sequencing your class

The Arc Structure of a Class

Creating a quality experience

The Importance of demonstrating alignment

Variables for creating progressions and modifications

Why your warm up is key

Counterposing for harmony in the body